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Dietary supplements are not medicines. However, the relationship between diet and disease is becoming gradually clearer as modern diets are getting ever more nutritionally impoverished. A growing number of people therefore choose to add supplements to their diets to strengthen the body’s balance, to enhance their natural energy and to prevent disease.

Reishi Reishi
LycoSelen Pro LycoSelen Pro
Dioscorea DHEA Precursor Dioscorea DHEA Precursor
LycOmega Q-10: Mens Choice LycOmega Q-10: Mens Choice
Natural Omega-3 Salmon Oil: Family Choice Natural Omega-3 Salmon Oil: Family Choice
LycOmega: Ladies Choice LycOmega: Ladies Choice
Gendaxin Gendaxin

Scandinavian Quality, Nordic Health

aXimed AS was founded 12 years ago in Bergen, Norway. The company's founders have personally had strong and lasting interest in natural medicine for many years. The interest, combined with their active business ventures, has given them an extensive network of human resources working in the field of both natural medicine as well as pharmaceutical medicine.